Trusted to deliver the most sensitive business critical transformations

Focused orchestration

Delivering business critical transformation requires a mix of skills working effectively towards a common outcome. We have proven our distinctive ability to orchestrate resources across disciplines, functions and geographies to deliver defined business outcomes. We recognise that business transformation impacts both internal operations and the external supply chain. Therefore, we assist clients with orchestration across their extended supply chains

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Independent and technology led

We assist our clients with automating critical functions through the effective adoption of A.I. and seamless integration with existing tools or new innovative technologies. We continuously scan the horizon for emerging innovators whilst maintaining our independence to recommend the solutions that best fit our client requirements. Our technology specialists can then work with our clients to create seamless, integrated solutions

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Discrete and efficient

The nature of our client engagements often requires sensitivity to people and change. Our engagement model favours technology over deploying junior resources on client sites. This allows us to work more effectively with client resources, deliver faster and leave our clients equipped to realise sustained value

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Applied A.I. skills

We have hands-on experience in developing and deploying artificial intelligence. Most importantly, we understand how to structure and deliver A.I. programs in collaboration with clients. Speak to us about the Glowfori CoLab where we work with clients to assemble the resources within a program framework that delivers commercially and socially successful A.I. outcomes.

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A foundation in social responsibility and compliance

A.I. is inevitable but the societal impact will be determined by our values. We are committed to ethical and socially responsible technology. We are actively contributing to European and UK regulatory and governance bodies shaping the future use of A.I.. Clients across industries such as Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, FMCG and Critical Infrastructure have relied on our compliance assurance frameworks to ensure continuous compliance and control

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An experiential peer network

We appreciate the value of trusted peers with whom you can discretely discuss common challenges, share ideas and expand your professional horizons. Glowfori curates a global peer network of senior business leaders and relevant subject matter specialists. We host private meetings and trips based on topics of interest. Introductions and exchanges are organised and specific research is prepared on request.

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