We are uniquely focused on environmentally positive innovations and have harnessed complimentary skills and diciplines to delivery the best possible solution discovery, assessment, due diligence and adoption


Solution Discovery

With over 20 years experience in strategic sourcing, we have built a global network of start-up and incubator relationships around the world. Today we augment our relationship network with artificial inteligence to search for relevant emerging solutions from pre-seed stage through to growth and exit



We apply a rigorous, consistent and structure approach to solution assessment. Our proprietary framework is informed by deep regulatory, risk and compliance knowledge. Our team includes data scientists and envirnmental scientists who have developed models to measure envirnmental impact potential. These models are incorporated into our SHiFT Assessment Framework to provide a 3-dimensional perspective of a solution. (Financial, Environmental and Technical)


Due diligence

We have led strategic sourcing engagements for over 20 years and are very experienced in conducting a rigourus due diligence of any potential business partner. Most importantly, we understand how to align due diligence with client risk appetite and regulatory obligations



We are aware that the vast majority of promising innovations fail to gain market acceptance. Only GLOWFORI can gauge market sentiment and appetite as part of an overall opportunity assessment

Talk to us about how we can discretely represent your objectives in the environmental innovation market and work as a trusted extension of your own in-house team