Our clients trust our counsel on sensitive investment decisions and our leadership in business critical transformations. Our services include:


Environmental Innovation Investment Opportunities

Our objective is to match the most promising environmental innovations with the business partners who can maximise their commercial potential. To acheive this we:

  • Maintain insight into market demand for and acceptance of environmental innovations. This is facilitated by the SHiFTplatform
  • Ensure global visibility of emerging solutions through our A.I. tools and platforms and our global network
  • Produce consistent, objective, rigorous and structured assessments of innovative solutions


Business Environmental Strategy & Adaptation

We are proud to have led some of the largest business critical transformations in the recent years.
Clients appreciate our applied experience in organisational design and change implementation. We are committed to transformations which deliver sustained value to our clients. That is why our approach is lean, efficient and collaborative with an emphasis on knowledge sharing and enablement


Adventures To Build Teams, Innovate & Mobilise

In cooperation with Ocean Advocate,   SHiFT , we offer bespoke ocean adventures. These are unique opportunities for colleagues to share an adventure, experience mankind’s impact on the ocean and participate in innovation-focused training. Often these voayges are combined with networking events to build lasting, trusted business relationships